Tudora Monday

Tudora Monday, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

I just love starting projects. One of my goals is to finish them. I think choosing small things to knit will help my completion record. Here is Tudora from Knitty. Started Sunday evening. On Monday morning I had a few rows done…Tuesday morning is in the camera with dead batteries…which means I have to get up, argh!!!!!  Maybe later…


Valentine’s Ornament

Valentine’s Ornament, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

That’s right. It’s time for Valentine’s Day…I am thinking about my “Holiday Tree”, covered in hearts and cupids. I have heard of so many festive ways to make each Holiday special for the kids, everyone really. Mine is the Holiday Tree. This summer it had crafts the kids made at the Hollywood Bowl, and lanterns from a field trip to China Town…These little whimsies will surely evolve in to the perfect heart.  They are so much fun to make because there is no pressure to do anything other than play and enjoy the process.


FO-Griffin, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

This close up is a little soft, just like Griff’s cheek…which you can hardly resist kissing on! He is such a good boy and loves his scarf!

FO-Griffin’s Scarf

FO-Griffin’s Scarf, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

Another finished object. Again, I have orders (from Kiely, Rich, Grandma…usual suspects) coming out the wazoo for this super soft and fun stripey scarf.  Cotton, great to work with tons of fun colors…Samoa.

State Capitols Apron

state capitols-full, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

Here is one of many different aprons…I have a new line of kitchen accessories…aprons, headbands, pot holders and coming soon…wall pockets & knife cases. Go to my flickr page to see more aprons…Go to my etsy site to buy now…if you know how, call me to come by and pick one up! Perfect for a teacher or librarian gift!

FO-Skull Beanie Close Up

FO-Skull Beanie Close Up, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

Nice close up, right? My friend Sandra told me about the little flower on my camera…takes super close up…wow! What a difference! It is more sensitive though, and lots of my close ups look like I have had too much coffee! I see a tripod in my future…

FO-Skull Beanie

FO-Skull Beanie, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

I messed up, but it’s hard to tell. I think the top came together nicely. I am learning just enough to fudge my mistakes. I have orders for 5 of these…Rich, Kiely, Savannah…I wish I could knit faster!