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FO-Skull Beanie Close Up

FO-Skull Beanie Close Up, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

Nice close up, right? My friend Sandra told me about the little flower on my camera…takes super close up…wow! What a difference! It is more sensitive though, and lots of my close ups look like I have had too much coffee! I see a tripod in my future…


FO-Skull Beanie

FO-Skull Beanie, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

I messed up, but it’s hard to tell. I think the top came together nicely. I am learning just enough to fudge my mistakes. I have orders for 5 of these…Rich, Kiely, Savannah…I wish I could knit faster!

FO-Skull Beanie on Griff

FO-Skull Beanie on Griff, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

He was a lot happier about this hat than he looks!! It was worked on the night before “crazy hat day” until 2 am. Rich went out and bought me a pair of reading (knitting) glasses so I could see the stitches at night.  I found this pattern here