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Knitted Skirt from Knit Cafe

knit skirt-tie, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

I am finding it very rewarding to follow patterns, do swatches, and learn new techniques….wow, what a concept.

This little number uses silk, wool, cadiz, mohair, and a sock weight super wash…Just a stash buster! The waist band is the ribbed picot for drawstring, other than that knit like crazy in the round. Fine for late night low light knitting, which is the bane of my existence.


Knitted Skirt

knit skirt-uniform, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

Another Finished Object! I am happy with this, but we’ll see if it flies as a uniform skirt…I think it works!

Top Tam

tam-1, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

I am amazed!

Finished Object! The Knitty Tam

tam, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

Here it is – the actual first charted project. Noro silk garden with Ella Rae wool. It came out great!

Tudora Finito!

, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

This was really quick and fun to make. I am going to love having something around my neck that doesn’t fall into the dirt, get stuck in the tape, somehow end up in the sink. Made with the crowd favorite…ultra alpaca on size 6. Pattern note, maybe err on the side of shorter when measuring the height.

Tudora Cable

Tudora Cable, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

My very first real cable! I have been pouring over Cables Untangled for months and just haven’t started even playing around…I have done mock cables in the past…but now have the confidence to get real. Oh, and the close up…can you believe how crisp this picture is? My friend Sandra, extolled the virtues of the little flower button on her camera…Oh how I have come to love the flower button!! I was looking at cameras yesterday that have some amazing features…all under $200!! You’ll find me shopping for cameras and getting a lesson at Tuttles. Love Tuttles!

Tudora Monday

Tudora Monday, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

I just love starting projects. One of my goals is to finish them. I think choosing small things to knit will help my completion record. Here is Tudora from Knitty. Started Sunday evening. On Monday morning I had a few rows done…Tuesday morning is in the camera with dead batteries…which means I have to get up, argh!!!!!  Maybe later…