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Holiday 07 Craft-Ornament

Holiday 07 Craft-Ornament, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

Birds, Angels and Trees…Actually the kids went crazy for them. They were thrilled with the end result. And they weren’t too sure about the project when I brought a bunch of sticks to work with. The janitor wasn’t too sure either…I went back to my car to get the rest of the supplies, and he had thrown all of my sticks in to the dumpster. It was the quickest I have ever seen anything cleaned up by the benches, ever…I was totally chapped, because the giant lawn mowers had turned all the good sticks in the park in to mulch the previous day. Time was running out on the holidays crafts! Not to much to do for an hour in the garden with 1st graders and it’s raining. I had to dive for my branches…I had no choice.


Holiday 07 Craft-Bird Ornament

Holiday 07 Craft-Bird Orn, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

the Bird

Holiday 07 Craft-Angel

Holiday 07 Craft-Angel, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

For Griffin’s 1st grade class, we made trees…sticks in plaster of paris…the idea was that they would make the ornaments…but that was ambitious. So, I made 20 of them the night before the big performance, with the help of my good friend Meridian. Chardonnay. They turned out fine.

Holiday 07 Craft-Forest

Holiday 07 Craft-Forest, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

All the trees together on the piano created a nice little forest!  The fabric tree idea cam from The Small Object.

Holiday 07 Craft-Tree

Holiday 07 Craft-Tree, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

Got the pattern for these little trees on…small object? I had mucho fun making them. They were used for the center pieces at the Teacher Breakfast and Holiday Home Decor…