Vintage Flour Sack Fabric

Vintage Flour Sack Fabric, originally uploaded by Gourmet Fiber.

I am working on the studio. Organizing the collections of yarn, fabric, buttons and vintage trimmings is always inspiring. This is just a bit of the feed/flour sack fabric I have been collecting for years. Pin cushions are the perfect size and item to honor the special and dear to my heart material.


4 responses to “Vintage Flour Sack Fabric

  1. WHERE can you find feed sack cloth these days? Last I’d heard of it was in the early 50s when my Mom used it for dresses, dish towels, etc.

    Treat pin cushion by the way! love the use of those ‘odd’ buttons.

  2. Michelle Glenn

    I’m looking for a flour sack (not the coarse feedsack) material to repair a quilt made in the 1930’s. Can I send you a picture to see if you might have something?

  3. Thanks for posting those beautiful fabrics! I have some pieces of flour sack fabric, but I am almost afraid to use them! Susan

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